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  • Cover Image Tackling Obesities: Future Choices; Visualising the Future: Scenarios to 2050
    Author(s): UK Government Office for Science
    Keyword(s): virtualised sport; health systems; inequalities; education; retail therapy; business; Health attitudes; health; the media; trajectory of obesity; economy; transport; health attitudes; market; government; food sector; stress and pressure; drivers for change; socioeconomic divide; science; changing environment; obesity
  • Cover Image Technology Future Vision
    Author(s): Microsoft
    Keyword(s): Utopian; Technology; Emerging trends; Video; work; home life; images of the future; Society; travel; Business
  • Cover Image Test Tizra
  • Cover Image The American Historical Review-2012-Andersson-1411-30
    Author(s): Jenny Andersson
    Keyword(s): AHR Forum; The Great Future Debate and the Struggle for the World
  • Cover Image The Future According To Samsung
    Author(s): Corporate, Samsung
    Keyword(s): innovation; Utopian; business, interactive displays, glass; work; images of the future; cars; schools; Education; Technology; Video; design; Society; Business
  • Cover Image The Future of Futures
    Author(s): Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Keyword(s): Future of Futures; APF; Association of Professional Futurists
  • Cover Image The Future of ICT - 2025
    Author(s): Corporate, NTT
    Keyword(s): Utopian; communications; business; Technology; Geo-political, Regional & Country; Video; 2025; images of the future; international; publishing; Business
  • Cover Image The Future of Publishing
    Author(s): Yapp, Dr Chris; Kihlstrom, Eric; Milner, John; Ringland, Gill; Soar, Jonathan; White, Carolyn
    Keyword(s): tagging; digital content; Bite-Sized Business Content; IPR; platform; model licence; automated search engines; tablet; revenue; discoverability; xml; publishers; owner of content; creator of content; Futher EDucation; Higher Education; SaaS; bite-sized compenents; mobile; SME; Professional Associations; communites of practice; scaleable; Open Access; PC; phone; reuse of content; digital rights; authors
  • Cover Image The Future of Work, Jobs and Skills in 2030
    Author(s): UK Commission for Employment and Skills
    Keyword(s): income; natural resources; skills activism; business ecosystems; labour market; robotics; reverse migration; adaptation; logistics; degradation; retail; artificial intelligence; skills; interconnectivity; sustainable prosperity; manufacturing; construction; future of work; jobs; growing diversity; collaboration; UK workforce; Demographic change; health and social care; 3D printing; future skills
  • Cover Image The future state of higher education in Europe: Mini-scenarios for 2025
    Author(s): Karel, Haegeman
    Keyword(s): Knowledge Triangle; Higher Education; Romania; Europe; Mini-scenarios; Method; Third Mission; Open University; Quality & Leadership; Global University; Education; UEFISCSU; 2025; Scenarios; The future state of higher education