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  • Cover Image Cooper, Dr Malcolm (editor); Lustig, Patricia; Blackmore-Wright, James; Schultz, Dr Wendy; Ringland, Gill; Williams, Huw; Jackson, Nick; Lye, David; Holliday, Susan
    Title: SAMI_25 Blogs - What works and what does not
    Keyword(s): 2014; SAMI 25; 1989
  • Cover Image Curaj, Adrian; Michel, Alain; Saritas, Ozcan; Rossel Pierre; Tuomi, Ilkka; Miller, Riel;
    Title: A Blueprint for Organizing Foresight in Universities - FOR-UNI Blueprint
    Keyword(s): Methodology; Ilkka Tuorni; Issues; Futures Literacy; Malaysia; Riel Miller; Contingency; Risks; Anticipatory Systems; Big Picture; Synthesis; Challenges; Ireland; Modelling; US; Conclusion; Modalities; Higher Education; Romania; Optimisation; Exploration; Ozcan Saritas; Governance; Public policy; Canada; Alain Michel; Turkey; For-Uni Blueprint; Introduction; Analysis; References; Foresight; Pierre Rossel
  • Cover Image Fox, Debra; Ringland, Gill; Smith, Matthew; Williams, Huw; Yapp, Dr Chris
    Title: Future of Membership Associations (1) 10-Jun-2014
    Keyword(s): Future of Professional Associations; Potential Users; forces for change; Syndicate Groups Models; Demographics; Technology; Priesthood; CLOSED GROUPS IN GLOBALLY COHERENT WORLD; Scenarios; Joined Up; Images of the Future and Scenarios; Key Success Factors; Not for Profit; CLOSED GROUPS IN GLOBALLY FRAGMENTED WORLD; KI; Users of Content; Offers and Wants; OPEN GROUPS IN GLOBALLY COHERENT WORLD; The Future of Membership Associations; Professional Associations; West to East; Masonic Cartels; Workshop 1; 2015; Environment; OPEN GROUPS IN GLOBALLY FRAGMENTED WORLD; Scenario Planning; Café Flux; 10 June 2014; Knowledge Insights
  • Cover Image Lye, David; Smith, David
    Title: Webinar: Future of Work in Health
    Keyword(s): Webinar; Healthcare; Health attitudes; Health; Future of Work
  • Cover Image Ringland, Gill; Schultz, Dr Wendy; Lye, David; Williams, Huw; Pearson, Ian; Dunn, Cathy; Kunter, Yesim; Zavalishina, Jane; Khaytin, Alexander; Harris, Ian; Owen, Mike; Lum, Richard; Moxey, Paul
    Title: SAMI Blogs 2040 Feb 2016 - Some snapshots of 2040
    Keyword(s): SAMI Blogs 2040 Feb 2016 - Some snapshots of 2040
  • Cover Image Schultz, Wendy L.
    Title: Brief Futures / Foresight Intro: With History, Concepts, Terms and related Methods
    Keyword(s): Brief Futures / Foresight Intro; infinite futures; WFSF; futures studies; foresight
  • Cover Image Shell
    Title: Shell energy scenarios to 2050
    Keyword(s): National energy security; Biomass; Emissions; Climate change; Energy supply; Technology fundamentals; Electricity in transport; Revolutionary transitions; Energy demand; Transport; Atmospheric CO2; Energy ladder; energy
  • Cover Image Siddiqi, Shameem
    Title: Strategic Foresight: Learning from the Future
    Keyword(s): Lustig, Patricia; Strategic Foresight: Learning from the Future; Book Review
  • Cover Image Slaughter, Richard
    Title: Professional Standards in Futures Work, Futures, Vol 31
    Keyword(s): Futures; Vol 31; Professional Standards in Futures Work; three traditions; futures studies; code of ethics; Slaughter
  • Cover Image Sohail Inayatullah, PhD
    Title: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Future: Predictive, Cultural and Critical Epistemologies
    Keyword(s): Cultural and Critical Epistemologies; Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Future: Predictive; three traditions; Futures Journal; futures studies
  • Cover Image Sony, Corporate
    Title: Sony - Futurescapes, Scenario 4 - Prosperity Redefined
    Keyword(s): Utopian; Video; 2025; Europe; Sony Corporate; images of the future
  • Cover Image Sri test
    Title: Sri test book on its own
  • Cover Image Yapp, Dr Chris; Kihlstrom, Eric; Milner, John; Ringland, Gill; Soar, Jonathan; White, Carolyn
    Title: The Future of Publishing
    Keyword(s): tagging; digital content; Bite-Sized Business Content; IPR; platform; model licence; automated search engines; tablet; revenue; discoverability; xml; publishers; owner of content; creator of content; Futher EDucation; Higher Education; SaaS; bite-sized compenents; mobile; SME; Professional Associations; communites of practice; scaleable; Open Access; PC; phone; reuse of content; digital rights; authors