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  • Cover Image PDF Requirements
    Author(s): Catherine B.Winchild
  • Cover Image Plausible Future Scenarios for the UK Food and Feed System - 2015 & 2035
    Author(s): Government, Defra, FSA & Cranfield University, Institute for Environment, Health, Risk and Futures (IEHRF) Cranfield
    Keyword(s): price and availability of resources.; nature of regulatory environment; Consumers; resources; resource availability; EU legislation; global trading; consumer attitudes and behaviours; UK food and feed system; food and non-food retailers; global markets; population size; food preparation; catering; Population; international trade and relations; cost of living; ICT; food processing; climate change; food/feed chain
  • Cover Image PLURALITY
    Author(s): a private film company
    Keyword(s): Dystopian; Technology; Video; DNA; images of the future; surveillance; Public Service; Society; US
  • Cover Image Professional Standards in Futures Work, Futures, Vol 31
    Author(s): Slaughter, Richard
    Keyword(s): Futures; Vol 31; Professional Standards in Futures Work; three traditions; futures studies; code of ethics; Slaughter
  • Cover Image Project 2020 Scenarios for the Future of Cybercrime - White Paper for Decision Makers
    Author(s): The European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol and the ICSPA
    Keyword(s): Cloud-based botnets; cybercrime; cyber weapons; common threat reporting; data protection and privacy; cybercriminal; hacktivism; cyber gang wars; global; scenarios; cybersecurity; hack; cyber; Cloud/virtualisation; intellectual property; crime as a service; risk; multi-stakeholder security environment; big and intelligent data; Near Field Communication technologies; internet governance; identity and reputation; bio-hacks