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  • Cover Image NHS Sustainable Development Unit & Forum for the Future
    Title: Fit for the Future Scenarios for low-carbon healthcare 2030
    Keyword(s): global economy; business community; environment; carbon; Wellness; health; technology; economy; ICT; low carbon economy; illness; climate change
  • Cover Image Natasha
    Title: Source 1904 test book
  • Cover Image National Grid plc (approved by Ofgem)
    Title: Future Energy Scenarios
    Keyword(s): Levy control framework; shale gas; biomethane; electric vehicles; fuel; policies; industrial demand; environmental targets; coal bed methane; Energy; solar PV; gas; power; residential demand; stakeholder consultation; rail; electricity; security of supply; technology; transport; micro-generation; demand; heat pumps; distributed generation; diversity of supply; HGVs; EV peak demand; wind
  • Cover Image Novaky, E., Varga, V.R., Koszegi, M.K., Eds.
    Title: 2001 Futures Studies in the European Ex-Socialist Countries
    Keyword(s): Romania; Hungary; Futures Studies in the European Ex-Socialist Countries; WFSF; Czech Republic; Yugoslavia; Poland; USSR; futures studies; Slovakia; Bulgaria; Germany; Estonia