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  • Cover Image Andreescu, Liviu; Curaj, Adrian; Gheorghiu, Radu; Zulean, Marian
    Title: Romanian HE in 2015 - 02 White Paper - For Quality and Leadership
    Keyword(s): Leadership; Higher Education; Transparency; Romania; Personalization; Funding; Europe; Diversity; Institutional Freedom; Outcomes; EU; Seeds for the future; Innovation; 2015; Education; Romanian Higher Education in 2025 Vision; Quality; 2025 Vision; Accountability; Green Paper; White Paper; High Level Expert Group
  • Cover Image CURAJ, Prof. Adrian
    Title: Romanian HE in 2015 - 01 Green Paper - For Quality and Leadership
    Keyword(s): Knowledge Economy; Quality and Leadership in Romanian Higher Education
  • Cover Image Catherine B.Winchild
    Title: PDF Requirements
  • Cover Image Cooper, Dr Malcolm (editor); Lustig, Patricia; Blackmore-Wright, James; Schultz, Dr Wendy; Ringland, Gill; Williams, Huw; Jackson, Nick; Lye, David; Holliday, Susan
    Title: SAMI_25 Blogs - What works and what does not
    Keyword(s): 2014; SAMI 25; 1989
  • Cover Image Corning Glass
    Title: Watch your day in 2020
    Keyword(s): Utopian; work; images of the future; 2020; home; school; Education; Technology; Video; Healthcare; Society; international; Business
  • Cover Image Corning, corporate
    Title: Future Technology | Our Digital World 2020
    Keyword(s): Utopian; work; medicine; 2020; images of the future; school; Education; Technology; Video; home life; Healthcare; Public Service; Society; leisure; Emerging Trends; Business
  • Cover Image Corporate (Hitachi)
    Title: Healthcare 2025 - A future vision of connected health services for Hitachi
    Keyword(s): Utopian; Video; 2025; UK; Healthcare; images of the future
  • Cover Image Corporate, Citrix
    Title: Citrix Future Vision
    Keyword(s): health assessment; Utopian; business, healthcare, meetings, wearable tech; Technology; Video; construction project; home life; Healthcare; images of the future; Public Service; Society; Business
  • Cover Image Corporate, Corning Glass
    Title: A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked. The Story Behind Corning's Vision. (2012)
    Keyword(s): Utopian; School; Education; Video; Glass; Life; Healthcare; Medical; images of the future; Society; Home
  • Cover Image Corporate, NTT
    Title: The Future of ICT - 2025
    Keyword(s): Utopian; communications; business; Technology; Geo-political, Regional & Country; Video; 2025; images of the future; international; publishing; Business
  • Cover Image Corporate, NTT Service Innovation Research Institute
    Title: FutureVision
    Keyword(s): remote working; Utopian; business; Technology; Video; Japanese subtitles; home life; images of the future; Society; Business
  • Cover Image Corporate, Samsung
    Title: The Future According To Samsung
    Keyword(s): innovation; Utopian; business, interactive displays, glass; work; images of the future; cars; schools; Education; Technology; Video; design; Society; Business
  • Cover Image Corporate, United Rentals
    Title: United Rentals - Future Vision
    Keyword(s): Interactive Displays; Utopian; Construction; Equipment Rentals; Technology; Video; images of the future; Future of Work
  • Cover Image Curaj, Adrian; Michel, Alain; Saritas, Ozcan; Rossel Pierre; Tuomi, Ilkka; Miller, Riel;
    Title: A Blueprint for Organizing Foresight in Universities - FOR-UNI Blueprint
    Keyword(s): Methodology; Ilkka Tuorni; Issues; Futures Literacy; Malaysia; Riel Miller; Contingency; Risks; Anticipatory Systems; Big Picture; Synthesis; Challenges; Ireland; Modelling; US; Conclusion; Modalities; Higher Education; Romania; Optimisation; Exploration; Ozcan Saritas; Governance; Public policy; Canada; Alain Michel; Turkey; For-Uni Blueprint; Introduction; Analysis; References; Foresight; Pierre Rossel
  • Cover Image Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Title: Compass-Methods Anthology (2015-SE-APF)
    Keyword(s): 2015; APF; Compass; Futures Methods; Understanding Methods
  • Cover Image Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Title: Compass-Education (2014-SE-APF)
    Keyword(s): scenarios, models of change; provocations; reviews; Education; 2014; APF; Compass; trends analysis
  • Cover Image Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Title: The Future of Futures
    Keyword(s): Future of Futures; APF; Association of Professional Futurists
  • Cover Image Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Title: Compass-WFS Special (2015-SE-APF)
    Keyword(s): 2015; WFS; APF; Compass; Conference
  • Cover Image Curtis W. Roney
    Title: Intersections of Strategic Planning and Futures Studies: Methodological Complementarities
    Keyword(s): typology; Journal of Futures Studies; Intersections of Strategic Planning and Futures studies: Methodological Complementarities; futures studies; taxonomy
  • Cover Image Curtis, Geoff
    Title: Academic libraries of the future
    Keyword(s): Academic libraries of the future; Education; Scenarios; Recomendation; 2011