Online terms and conditions for the supply of services


All downloads are watermarked and are for the sole use of the purchaser only.  Copies should not be made nor shared with any other person.

Delivery, Refunds and Cancellation


Delivery of each document is deemed to take place for corporate members when an authorised user first accesses or downloads selected materials. For all other users, whether community members or individual members, following payment for your basket.


Refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances where purchased materials are not available to the user and an uncorrupted copy cannot be made available within five (5) working days.


Cancellation of a purchase will only be considered in exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the user once a payment has been made but before the purchased document or extract has been accessed.

Requests for Refunds or Cancellations must be made by email to and detail the circumstances and the relevant documents or extracts.