Compass-Methods Anthology (2015-SE-APF)

Compass-Methods Anthology (2015-SE-APF) cover image


Compass-Methods Anthology (2015-SE-APF)


Curry, Andrew (editor)

Where practice and theory meet, innovation often follows. Practitioners resolve difficulties in practice by reimagining what they do, and developing new approaches. But invention on its own is not enough. To stick, it needs to be reconnected to theory. The why is as important as the what.

This is the story of many of the new and emerging methods collected in this special anthology of articles published first in the APF’s members’ newsletter, Compass. It brings together in one place material on methods published in Compass by APF members and their colleagues and collaborators.

It is a strong collection. Some of these articles are the first published accounts of methods that have real value to futures practice, such as the reframing of wildcards, VERGE, or the Mānoa scenarios method.

Some are accounts of methods that have been documented elsewhere, but in a more academic context.

But all—including the interviews—are intended to be used. These accounts are designed to inspire people to try these approaches for themselves. (Andrew Curry)