Future Energy Scenarios

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Future Energy Scenarios


National Grid plc (approved by Ofgem)

Description: The Future Energy Scenarios (FES) explores four different possible futures in a complex energy landscape that is rapidly changing, and analyses how the future might play out. The four futures are: Gone Green, a world where green ambition is not restrained by financial limitations. New technologies are introduced and embraced by society, enabling all carbon and renewable targets to be met on time; Slow Progression, a world where slower economic growth restricts market conditions. Available money is spent focusing on low cost long-term solutions to achieve decarbonisation, albeit it later than the target dates; No Progression, a world focused on achieving security of supply at the lowest possible cost. With low economic growth, traditional sources of gas and electricity dominate, with little innovation affecting how we use energy; and Consumer Power, a world of relative wealth, fast paced research and development and spending. Innovation is focused on meeting the needs of consumers, who focus on improving their quality of life.

Timescale and Scope: 2050; energy

Author: National Grid plc (approved by Ofgem)

Length: 228 pages

Date: July 2015

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Future Energy Scenarios

Author(s): National Grid plc (approved by Ofgem)
Keyword(s): Levy control framework; shale gas; biomethane; electric vehicles; fuel; policies; industrial demand; environmental targets; coal bed methane; Energy; solar PV; gas; power; residential demand; stakeholder consultation; rail; electricity; security of supply; technology; transport; micro-generation; demand; heat pumps; distributed generation; diversity of supply; HGVs; EV peak demand; wind