Compass-Education (2014-SE-APF)

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Compass-Education (2014-SE-APF)


Curry, Andrew (editor)

The future of education is a recurring theme in the discussions on the APF’s listserv. In part this reflects the organisation’s connections to futures studies courses, in part it is because the sector itself is clearly on the cusp of change.

One U.S. report has projected, with only a hint of technological determinism, that half of all American colleges and universities will have closed within 50 years. Similarly, an EY paper suggests that in Australia “the dominant university model ... will prove unviable in all but a few cases over the next 10-15 years.”

Such claims have become the litany of educational futures over the past few years; at the very least they deserve examination.

Compass‘ call for articles on this theme was a reflection of the level of interest among members in the prospects for the education sector, even if it was initially intended to fill a section of the regular quarterly newsletter.

But the number of contributions, and their quality, quickly made it clear that the collection of articles would work better as a standalone edition—an innovation for Compass.

Since education systems tend to reflect their societies, and since there’s a slight American bias in the contributions, some of these articles sometimes make culturally specific points. In general, though, there is much here that applies crossculturally. The emphasis is on higher education, but not exclusively.

In this themed edition of Compass, you will find trends analysis, scenarios, models of change, reviews and provocations. Some articles are drawn from client work, some have been specially written.Together they make up a rich set of perspectives that go beyond the received wisdom.

Andrew Curry, Editor, Compass