Futures Journals

This collection of Journals covers a variety of Futures related topics of interest to Futures Professionals.

For those researching a particular topic many of the articles contained there-in are also available as single papers in the relevant collections,


  • Cover Image Compass-Education (2014-SE-APF)
    Author(s): Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Keyword(s): scenarios, models of change; provocations; reviews; Education; 2014; APF; Compass; trends analysis
  • Cover Image Compass-Methods Anthology (2015-SE-APF)
    Author(s): Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Keyword(s): 2015; APF; Compass; Futures Methods; Understanding Methods
  • Cover Image Compass-WFS Special (2015-SE-APF)
    Author(s): Curry, Andrew (editor)
    Keyword(s): 2015; WFS; APF; Compass; Conference
  • Cover Image SAMI Blogs 2040 Feb 2016 - Some snapshots of 2040
    Author(s): Ringland, Gill; Schultz, Dr Wendy; Lye, David; Williams, Huw; Pearson, Ian; Dunn, Cathy; Kunter, Yesim; Zavalishina, Jane; Khaytin, Alexander; Harris, Ian; Owen, Mike; Lum, Richard; Moxey, Paul
    Keyword(s): SAMI Blogs 2040 Feb 2016 - Some snapshots of 2040
  • Cover Image SAMI_25 Blogs - What works and what does not
    Author(s): Cooper, Dr Malcolm (editor); Lustig, Patricia; Blackmore-Wright, James; Schultz, Dr Wendy; Ringland, Gill; Williams, Huw; Jackson, Nick; Lye, David; Holliday, Susan
    Keyword(s): 2014; SAMI 25; 1989