Thank you very much for checking out our initial pilot site for the Unlocking Foresight Hub.

Our vision for the Foresight Hub is for it to be the destination of choice for futures thinking people to find and exchange information. We hope to provide a user friendly site allowing easy access to foresight knowledge and material that is intuitive to understand, through a range of devices including laptops and mobile phones. In short, we aim to bring vetted, practical foresight knowledge together in one place.

With our initial pilot site, we want to show the benefits of accessing bite sized information, through the concept of collections, enabling the management of a lot of information. So far we have over 370 documents available, including abstracts, video and image sources, and we are adding to these collections constantly.

Members are also able to join our community, a space to learn, digest and share futures thinking information, creating informed dialogue around our possible futures.